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Empowering Youth Athletes

As many of you know I am an advocate for youth sports. The benefits of participating in team sports throughout our younger and more vulnerable years can be life-changing. Learning to compete is a valuable skill to acquire and apply … Continue reading

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Question-Comment-Connect: QC²

For several years now, teachers of all levels have made close reading a point of emphasis. Teachers, across disciplines, have urged students to circle, underline, and mark up the text. By having students close read texts, students will, theoretically, read … Continue reading

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Moving Beyond Close Reading

At a staff meeting two weeks ago your district’s literacy specialist provided staff development on close reading strategies. You were told these strategies were going to engage students and lead them to a better understanding of the text and the … Continue reading

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Education: Time is Abundant

The stack of papers on the corner of your desk is getting higher. You contemplate having a ‘work day’, not for students, but for you to put a dent into those essays your 4th hour class wrote last week Monday. … Continue reading

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Students Create Instagram of Hamlet – #MaximumShakespeare

The New York Times sponsored a Hamlet Instagram contest (a 15 second video using lines from Hamlet) this fall.  An ELA colleague of mine at Seymour Community High School had her College Credit seniors enter the contest.  Authentic, 21st Century, … Continue reading

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The Lightning Thief As Difficult As The Odyssey…#Truth

Conducted an interesting experiment in my advance English 9 class recently. We are currently reading The Odyssey, Robert Fagles translation.  When asked after the first eight books of the epic, The most confusing part of The Odyssey so far is … Continue reading

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Favoring The Home Team

Trying to avoid filling my blog with unsolicited sports fandom commentary, I rarely broach the topic of sports.  Based on what I am currently reading, I am compelled to share what I have learned about referee bias and home field … Continue reading

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Literacy Stamina and Social Media

I use social media in assorted formats and diverse purposes.  As a high school ELA teacher, I aspire to immerse students in literacy: lots of opportunities to read and write every day.  As time has passed, there has always been a … Continue reading

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Self-Discovery: Cheryl Strayed’s Most Compelling Message in WILD

I have been using Cheryl Strayed’s memoir Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail in my Outdoor and Survival Literature class.  I’m not completely convinced of the aesthetic value, but it’s message(s) is noble, engaging, and worthwhile. … Continue reading

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Embracing Complex Texts: 2nd Draft Reading

With the adoption of the Common Core State Standards and the research validating the need for children to read, read more, and read again, I have  been doing some teacher soul-searching in recent years.  I am in the midst of … Continue reading

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