Education: Time is Abundant

The stack of papers on the corner of your desk is getting higher. You contemplate having a ‘work day’, not for students, but for you to put a dent into those essays your 4th hour class wrote last week Monday.

The Scholarship Committee is meeting after school and you still haven’t looked over the applications. You tell yourself, I will do this over lunch, your duty-free lunch.

Your mom texts you during 5th hour claiming your 18 month old is refusing to take a nap. Really? You consider not responding, when your phone buzzes again, “u need 2 talk 2 her…miss u”.

By 7th period you are exhausted and overwhelmed. The stack is too high, the applications too detailed, and your gut is aching with guilt over your mother and child.

You are convinced there is not enough time.time1

Your principal shows up at the beginning of 8th hour and informs you, “I am hiring a sub for you and a colleague.  Tomorrow, you have the entire day to get yourself caught up.”

Whoa. Wait. What?

Honestly…would you even know where to start or what to do…Honestly?

Beyond the students in our classrooms, the greatest resource professional educators have is time.  Time is a generous gift. Time is free, predictable, and opportunistic. Time is always nearby, faithful, and ageless. Time is Abundant.

Yes, time is Abundant.

Let me provide an analogy.  If I was placed in an ocean, floating upon the surface in a lifeboat, no land in sight, I could say with confidence the water is free, opportunistic, nearby, ageless, loyal, and Abundant. Is the concept of time that much different than the vision of an expanse of ocean?  In fact, time is much more reliable than an ocean because time is predictable, faithful, and limitless.

Yet, as professional educators, we often claim the greatest hindrance to our practice is lack of time. I could list all of the those inconveniences seemingly leaking our time, preventing us from becoming the best version of ourselves. But, therein lies the problem with time. If we choose to focus on the many disruptions that plague our moment in time, we become paralyzed with the overwhelming notion there will never be enough time.

As professional educators, we must resist becoming paralyzed by a perceived lack of time. Perhaps we need to do a better job of being present or prioritizing or preparing to maximize this great resource. Perhaps it’s a matter of adjusting our mindset to one of growth; view time as an opportunity rather than a restriction.

Time is a bountiful resource that unlocks our freedom and creativity as professional educators so we might best serve our students and guide them to becoming the best version of themselves.wide-open-ocean

Climb aboard the lifeboat, stop treading water amidst the winds and the waves.  Cut loose the anchor of time and drift with me where time is Abundant, empowering us to thrive as professional educators for the success of all students.


About jpsteltz

Proud husband and father of four; Literacy Specialist; Reading Teacher; Literacy Coach; HS ELA Teacher; Published Author
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