Welcome to the New

First point: I am making a promise to myself (and anyone who might stumble across my blog and actually read it) to keep each post to 500 words or less. Won’t be easy for me, but I must be more efficient and make a commitment to blogging more often. Naturally, this will force me to edit more as well.

IMG_3487Point number two: Earlier today we were reflecting on our summer. Certainly we have been blessed with time in the presence of friends and family, beautiful weather, and much needed time on the water with the boat. I came to the conclusion, though, that the best night of summer for me was July 7th. 

I will explain why in a sec, but first I must acknowledge the tragedy that occurred on July 7th in Dallas, TX. On the day I consider to be the most significant experience for me this summer, there are hundreds of others who are wishing the events of July 7th never happened. I pray all people find strength in the Lord.

July 7th marked my first trip to Lifest in Oshkosh, WI. I love live music of all genres, I knew this night was going to be special. I was looking forward to attending with Desiree, Brooklyn, and Dawson, but what I experienced far outreached my expectations.

There were several live bands performing on this warm evening. TobyMac was the headliner and performed at the end of the evening. His show, his energy, his band of musicians were all impressive. He has a gift in bringing young and old to Jesus through his ministry of music.

The game changer for me on July 7th, however, was MercyMe. mercyme-2013The message I walked away with from this band was, “we are all holy, righteous, and redeemed.” Amen! I needed to hear it, I needed to believe it. I was convinced.

Many of us are beginning a new school year this week. I love school and look forward to begin another year of education. Yes, it’s a new school year, and I’m beginning important work in a new district. Our oldest daughter will begin her journey through high school this week. We know our story is not unique. Many people are having new beginnings. While change has always been difficult and challenging for me, I am excited for the new.

In the words of MercyMe:

And now here you are

A new point of view

And now it all makes sense

Why it’s called the Good News

Let us be the first to welcome you

Welcome to the…

Life you thought was too good to be true

Welcome to the New!

Cheers to new beginnings. Have a great school year.

Welcome to the New


About jpsteltz

Proud husband and father of four; Literacy Specialist; Reading Teacher; Literacy Coach; HS ELA Teacher; Published Author
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6 Responses to Welcome to the New

  1. Paul Hoffman says:

    Great lyrics! BTW, when did we get so old that we now have high school daughters?!?


  2. Justin Skiba says:

    My wife, daughter, and I went to Lifest this summer as well! Good luck in your new district, Mr. Steltz. You certainly made a positive impact on me. Thank you!


  3. Julie Steltz says:

    I will enjoy reading your blog ! I’m also glad you included your reading list under the SCHS Faculty Book Club tab–I’ll keep it in mind when I need to pick up my next book to read. All the best to you & yours for all the “firsts” for your family this year.


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