Students Create Instagram of Hamlet – #MaximumShakespeare

The New York Times sponsored a Hamlet Instagram contest (a 15 second video using lines from Hamlet) this fall.  An ELA colleague of mine at Seymour Community High School had her College Credit seniors enter the contest.  Authentic, 21st Century, editing, revising, and publishing learning opportunity!  Indeed, a fantastic example of best practice in education.

One of the student groups was recently declared a finalist and the video and an interview appeared in The New York Times.  Ryan Krahn, Clayton Skogman (in the pool as Ophelia) and Phil Michaelson are mentioned in the article and Ryan is quoted!

I am honored and blessed to work with amazing, compassionate educators and driven, creative students.

Take a look at the 15 second video and, if you feel so inclined, leave a comment on their Instagram.

Young Souls Portray the Wit of ‘Hamlet’, With Brevity, NYTimes-December 20, 2013


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