Peace, Compassion, and Love

The impetus and inspiration for this poem has come from the life and death struggle a friend and colleague of mine has been enduring for six years.  I had lost a young friend not so long ago to a similar battle.  I have observed, far too often in my short life,  how earthly sickness and disease devours the human body, the vehicle that transports our heavenly soul.  In my heart I believe the spirit,  locked inside our insubstantial humanness, is full of peace, compassion, and love.  I know the God I trust and the God I believe in wraps our soul, our spirit, in loving hands and protects our spirit from vulnerability.

For my friend who personifies peace, compassion, and love each and every day no matter how fierce the tempest…

Peace, Compassion, and Love

When the spirit came to me,
I couldn’t help but be emotionally and spiritually lifted by its song.
The spirit radiated
and love.

I listened.  I consumed its presence.
After a few brief measures, I sensed the spirit was frail.
I listened…quiet, still…comforted by the steady beat of a strong, loving heart.
The spirit’s hymn penetrated every ounce of my soul..

The thought then surfaced.
The spirit was powerless.
Sure, I was wrapped in its soothing rhapsody:
and love.

There was a palpable agitation
of disbelief, discomfort, and disillusionment.
The spirit was exhausted from orchestrating.
The spirit twisted to share its chorus contained in Truth, in Life.

When the spirit enlightened me
its melodious message was intent, harmonizing, recognizable:
a peaceful presence,
a compassionate core,
and a restless, unending, selfless love.


About jpsteltz

Proud husband and father of four; Literacy Specialist; Reading Teacher; Literacy Coach; HS ELA Teacher; Published Author
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