The Tomb is Empty, So Now What?

Christians all over the world recently recalled the Passion of Jesus, the Galilean.  Sunday April 8th, 2012 marked the Christian celebration of the risen Christ;  Jesus, and God, have been, are, and will be alive, living among all of us.

So, now what?

Have Faith.  I must trust all God has revealed to us, seeking an intimate relationship with God, with Jesus.  Live on faith, profess it, bear witness to it, and, by all means, spread it.

Maintain Hope.  Increase our desire for happiness in eternal life rather than the idols of this world, trusting in the promises Jesus made to all of us before he died.  Upon creation, God created the desire for happiness in eternity, in Eden, in all of us.  Strive for this happiness…this hope, profess it, bear witness to it, and by all means, spread it.

Love, Unconditionally.  Love God and Jesus with every ounce of energy from every part of our being we can.  Because we are an instrument in God’s Hands and knowing He sees good in all of us to do good for Him, we must love ourselves to share the Good News.  Furthermore, we must love, without condition or judgment, our neighbor as we would love ourselves.  Jesus commanded us to love each other as he has loved us, by loving unconditionally everyone will know we are believers.

BELIEVE.  Jesus IS the Resurrection, the Truth, and the Life.  By believing, our tombs, too, will be emptied and we will see the Glory of God.


About jpsteltz

Proud husband and father of four; Literacy Specialist; Reading Teacher; Literacy Coach; HS ELA Teacher; Published Author
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