Eye Opening, Complex Insight on Middle East Conflict

The book club at Seymour Community High School, of which I am a member, read The Attack written by Yasmina Khadra for our March 2012 Book of the Month.  Recently we had the opportunity to discuss this compelling story of a man, amid the conflict in the Middle East,  searching for answers and direction in his life when he discovers his wife has ‘cheated’ him and ultimately died unexpectedly.

Khadra successfully brushed a picture of  fiery tensions kindling the combustible conflict with political agendas, religious strains, and the true nature of relationships.  Our discussion swirled around the unrest in the Middle East, the multiple religions sacred to the Holy Land, and the question of ‘do we really know those closest to us?’

We found the book to be an ‘easy’ read, but the ideas presented to be complex forcing all of us to review our own ideas of what we already knew about cultures outside of our own.  In this short blog post there is no way for me to do justice to the in-depth conversation we had regarding the book, but be certain there is much to gain from reading a book and discussing its complexities with others.

One of the most interesting aspects of being a part of a book club with colleagues is the many different experiences each one of us brings to the reading and the discussion.  My life has truly been enriched by these discussions with my colleagues and I have learned so much about the people in our group and the wonderful perspectives they bring to each book.  In having these book talks, I have been exposed to so many different levels of each book; I have experienced the books on a much deeper level when given the opportunity to engage in dialogue with others regarding each book.


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