Remember What Your Father Told You?

Seems like I have been getting unsolicited advice and direction from my father since I was old enough to listen.  As is the case with most, I, too, went through stages of my life when I listened, then I questioned, then I knew better, then I just got annoyed, then I thirsted for his experience, his advice, his guidance.

I find this pattern similar to the spiritual pattern of my life.  When I was a child I knew of God and knew of Jesus.  As a young adult heading off to college I questioned my faith, then my ego led me to believe I knew better about MY life than any message in the Gospel might show me, then I got annoyed by the notion of comparative religions and the many discrepancies, then, and now, I thirst to not only know of God and know of Jesus, but to know them.  Each and every day I seek to develop and maintain an intimate relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, and Moses.  My heart yearns for an intimate relationship with Jesus, the living Word, who taught us ‘What is impossible with man is possible with God.’

As I continue through my second reading of the Bible, a different version than my first reading, working my way through the Pentateuch, I am thankful Noah, Abraham, Hagar, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Leah, Rachel, Joseph, and Moses listened to their Father.  Had it not been for these passionate, faithful people and countless others I pause at the thought of where we would be today.  Perhaps, Pagan rituals with people committing acts of abomination and depravity?  Instead, we have been given a moral compass to set our course.  I have often been diverted off this path by idolatry and my own ego begging me to satisfy my perceived needs.  As brought to us in the Old Testament through the witness of Moses and others, God will satisfy our needs; if God is for us, than who or what could be against us?

I have learned to listen to my biological father and gain wisdom of my own from his life experience.  From that lesson, I must listen to my Heavenly Father as well as did the many faithful of the Old Testament.  The stirring of my soul to act in kindness, to give freely of my time and talent, and to allow God to cast judgment is the work of the Holy Spirit working on behalf of God and Jesus.  We are challenged to see Jesus in everyone we meet.  As St. Paul reminds us, we must be dressed and ready for service whence we are called.  It is my daily challenge to extinguish the flame of my ego and follow the light of my Father.  What greater work can I do but for the work I do for Him?


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Proud husband and father of four; Literacy Specialist; Reading Teacher; Literacy Coach; HS ELA Teacher; Published Author
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2 Responses to Remember What Your Father Told You?

  1. Marcie C J says:

    There have been countless times over the past 5 years (yes, it’s been nearly that long) that I find myself wishing I could ask Dad’s advice on something. Funny thing is, after thoughtful consideration and prayer, I usually come up with what I think Dad would say, but I imagine that’s what God intended. Dad was steadfast in his time on Earth, and God is ALWAYS steadfast, so we ought to know what our fathers would say, and we should strive to make them BOTH proud!

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    • jsteltz says:

      Marcie-I think of your father often. For me, he played the role of a big brother, young uncle. Being separated from family, he was a man I knew I could go to when I needed to be pointed in the right direction. Somehow he found the right words, the right ideas which were always based on his deep faith and desire to glorify God. Your dad, for me and countless others, was one of those people that, after talking with him, I always felt better…better about life, better about my roles as husband, father, teacher, and coach. I know he is working on your behalf each minute of each hour of each day with our Heavenly Father. My life was made better and I have been blessed having the opportunity to know your father.


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