The Naked Truth

When our family sits down for our evening meal, in an attempt to strike up valuable conversation, either Desiree or I will throw out the question, “What was the favorite part of your day?”  This inspires great conversation at the family evening meal.  Brooklyn told me she was able to get ‘almost to the end of her piano recital piece “Be Our Guest” without any stops’, Dawson told us his teacher put him on a mission to ‘find out how many inches are in a mile’, Desiree was excited that my sister Julie had showed up tonight so ‘she could attend Ash Wednesday mass with Brooklyn, Dawson, and me’.  I admitted the favorite part of my day was having a 45 minute, uninterrupted discussion about my latest book A Sacred Promise.

I am a little richer today.  No I didn’t win the Wednesday night lotto, although that would be a welcome surprise.  Of course actually striking it financially rich by beating the odds at lotto would mean I would have to actually invest in and play the lotto.  Today I had the opportunity to once again meet with the SHS faculty book club of which I am a member.  The ‘club’ chose to read the book I recently authored, A Sacred Promise, for our February book of the month.

One colleague of mine amusingly suggested the title of the book should have been ‘The Naked Truth’.  Yes, I humbly allowed myself to be vulnerable in describing the journey my family experienced in the birth of Faith and Hope.  I did rend my heart to be  subject to criticism and judgment, but I thought it was necessary to illustrate the importance of faith and hope.

My colleagues had many questions regarding the publishing and editing process (the editor of A Sacred Promise is a member of our book club and a colleague of mine, Nancy Koehler).  The male members of our book club pointed out how the book reminded them of how important it was to face adversity to rise above the negative aspects of our lives.  The men also added how important it was to be vulnerable to connect with others and focus on God.

One colleague actually quoted the book pointing out how we need to focus on more of the Word and less of the world.  When we get distracted with all things of the world we lose our focus on what is truly important in our lives: the people, the relationships, our relationship with God.

I learned more about my colleagues today who had the courage to be vulnerable themselves.  The naked truth is I am blessed with a beautiful family and I am so thankful for my colleagues, for these people in my life who I work side by side each day and who share in a common vision of being connected with others at a deeper level, a level below the surface of ‘hmmm, it sure is cold outside today’ threads of discussion.

The discussion I was privileged to be a part of today has made me a much wealthier man today than I was yesterday.  Thank you.


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Proud husband and father of four; Literacy Specialist; Reading Teacher; Literacy Coach; HS ELA Teacher; Published Author
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One Response to The Naked Truth

  1. Staci says:

    As your readers, we are the ones who are privileged to benefit from your shared experiences. Your openness regarding your faith journey and the relationships with family and friends as a part of life’s joys and tribulations are a model to live by.

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