Travesty NOT History in the Making: Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill

I am disappointed in our state’s politicians.  Yes, the Fab14, those 14 Senate Democrats who have decided to leave the state of Wisconsin to give Wisconsin’s populace time to process the Budget Repair Bill Governor Walker has proposed are skipping out on their elected public responsibility.  What choice do they have?  By deciding not to be present to begin the session on the Senate floor to debate this Bill, the Senate Democrats have exercised THE only leverage they have.  Governor Walker has public said there is no room for debate, so what is the point of the Fab14 coming home?  I do not consider them heroes.  I do not consider them cowards.  I believe they are acting within precedented governing rules and simply personifying Democracy.

The more I hear Governor Walker speak, the more I see his face in the media, the more disappointed I become in the position he holds.  The state of Wisconsin voted him to be our Governor; his responsibility is to maintain compassion for all the great citizens of our state and to uphold human decency in representing his constituents, every citizen of the state of Wisconsin.

I was disgusted as I listened to the tone of his prank phone call with “Dave Koch”.  Listening to his words, tone, and plans for our great state solidified my belief that politicians do not always act in the best interest of the people.  In fact, it was clear to me as he conveyed his message loud and clear to “Dave Koch” that Governor Walker’s best interest is himself and those in his closest circle.

I have moved beyond arguing with people about the politics in my home state.  Generally, I believe in people.  I have always wanted to believe in the compassion, empathy, and pride of politicians who have often campaigned with such rhetoric and persuasive technique.  I now have serious doubts about the public statements Governor Walker has made in seemingly good faith in contrast with his private mission.  Maybe he does want to be the Republican nominee for the President of the United States.  Maybe he wants his 15 minutes of fame.

But please, Governor Walker, don’t risk the well-being of men, women, and children across the great state of Wisconsin for your political gain.  There are families being impacted emotionally, intellectually, and financially, their are neighborhoods being divided.  If this is your goal Governor Walker you certainly have succeeded.

What happened to leaders bringing people together?  Sure, the protests in Madison have brought people together, but this isn’t a picture of serenity and peace.

In light of the colossal public disaster of the “Dave Koch” phone call, a disgusting display of arrogance and abandonment, it would be an absolute travesty if the Budget Repair Bill is passed without amendment.


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5 Responses to Travesty NOT History in the Making: Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill

  1. Leif Lautenbach says:

    Good Morning John,

    I am also discouraged by the actions of our Governor, the FAB 14 (understand their actions) and our entire political process. I agree, whomever is in the position to be leading our state and ALL of its citizens, needs to exercise leadership to bring us together. It is very sad that currently we seem so divided. Personally, I vow to exercise an open mind, compassion and empathy to all citizens in our state. No doubt it is a very emotional topic. I have dozens of very close friends who are teachers. I also have an equal amount of family and friends who are members of other unions, business owners and self employed. Although difficult at times, I urge everyone to conduct themselves with dignity and respect when speaking with others, even (and especially) when opinions vary. It has been said that ‘Success is Painted on the Canvas of Adversity”. Let us pray that some type of positive, improvement, progress, unity etc ultimately results in these very adverse times. Thank you for sharing your opinions.


  2. Kaye says:

    Maybe living in New York for the last 40 years has made me too cynical, but I pretty much don’t trust politicians to be honest or to take seriously the obligation to serve all the people they govern. Open-mindedness and respectful discussion are both endangered species in this country, I’m afraid. And the behavior of the “prank” caller is equally reprehensible for such a deceptive stunt. Unfortunately, when someone like Gov. Walker refuses to listen or respect differences or discuss anything, he leaves himself open to such low behavior. Thanks for your hopefulness. It would be great if something valuable can be salvaged from this messy struggle.


  3. susanw620 says:

    I was wondering who wrote the budget repair bill I don’t think walker has the brain power and it is coordinated with other state GOP governors, I wonder if it is legal if it was written by his contributors?


  4. Jim says:

    The FAB 14? You mean the fugiive 14 that should be brought to the senate in leg irons? Those scum? You clowns talk about the “middle class” but the true “middle class” in Wisconsin would love to have the gravy train you have. You have had decades of “entitlement” that the rest of us do not have. And don’t tell me how you would make more in the private sector than you do now. A master’s degree in education just isn’t doesn’t have that much value in light of the fact that almost anyone with opposable digits could get one.

    I grew up on a farm here in Wisconsin and sometimes one must relearn what we learned before. On the farm I learned that when the hogs are at the trough no amount of reasoning can deter them. Only a big stick can do it. I just pray that we, the taxpayers of Wisconsin have given Scott Walker a big enoug stick!


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