Professional Development Beyond the Teacher’s Lounge

In February I had written a blog post about how valuable Twitter was for me as an educator, Twitter Professional?  C’mon!.  I was in my infant stages of development in the Twitterverse.  I have come a long way since then and have developed an in-depth PLN (Public Learning Network) of educators.  Being connected with these fabulous educators from around the world has done more for me professionally than the last five workshops I have attended.

Since my birth in Twitterville, I have become a member of the Ning Network, The Educator’s PLN, created by Tom Whitby.  Joining the Edutopia community has also provided me with outstanding resources, trending topics in education, and provided even more connections with educators nationally.  I have received resources via email from educators globally. I have found several valuable blogs written by educators, the latest from Vicki Davis in Georgia (@coolcatteacher)…amazing stuff!!.   My learning has reached well beyond the teacher’s lounge.

I have done my best to share this information with anyone who cares to listen.  I have passed along links and resources to the colleagues in my building and even my administrators.  If you are not involved in professional development via any social media, I strongly recommend those that I have highlighted in this post.

As testimony to the value of social media taking us beyond the teacher’s lounge, I have included three short YouTube videos from Steve Anderson (@web20classroom), Eric Sheninger (@NMHS_Principal), and Tom Whitby (@tomwhitby).  If you are already a Tweep and are not following all three of these individuals, I strongly suggest you do.  If you are new to Twitter, please strongly consider becoming a part of the thousands of amazing teachers willing to share and learn.

I am confident that I will continue to grow as an educator and find even more places to learn from other great leaders in education.  Please check out the following videos and get connected today!

Steve Anderson (@Web20Classroom)

Eric Sheninger (@NMHS_Principal)

Tom Whitby (@TomWhitby)


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4 Responses to Professional Development Beyond the Teacher’s Lounge

  1. Jessica Brogley says:

    Excellent post John. Twitter has changed the way I communicate and reach out to other professionals. I wish more people would jump in. I’m glad you’ve found it useful.


    • jsteltz says:

      Jess-You encouraged and assisted me getting into this world. You have helped this teacher become revitalized and enthusiastic in sharing and taking risks in my classroom. Many thanks to YOU!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Teresa says:

    I love Twitter! I have learned so much it is incredible. As the only school librarian in a small district, Twitter has helped me educate both my students and fellow teachers on the newest educational tech and teaching ideas. Wish I could get the teachers at my school to use it too.


    • jsteltz says:

      Teresa-Twitter can make a powerful impact when we learn how to use it appropriately.

      Thanks so much for reading and responding. I appreciate your thoughts!


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