Repent to Avoid Bad Karma

Someone earlier this week asked me how felt about karma.  Even more, he asked me what karma meant to God.  He even pointed out that in the Gospel of Luke, just before Jesus tells the parable of the fruitless fig tree, that everyone will be punished…what goes around comes around…karma.

My response to this is quite simple.  Yes, we will be punished by God for the sins we commit in our lifetimes.  However, we will be forgiven of our sins if we repent.  In fact, the Gospel of Luke, in that particular reading, tells us that we shall be forgiven if we do indeed repent.

For Catholics this means practicing the sacrament of reconciliation.  For other Christians around the globe this means to take a different path, by the use of free will, to walk closer to God.  I believe that our sins and our unending thirst for the attractions of ‘this world’ lead us further away from God.  By repenting we change our path and move in a direction where we can discover God and He can discover our inherent need to, once again, be reunited with Him.

As Paul states in 1 Corinthians, God has given us many examples of how people have been destroyed for never going back to Him.  Some have promised to stop sinning and give up the evil ways, but then fall back into bad habits.  God does not let that go unpunished.

Karma does exist in the Bible.  The way to redemption and grace is through repenting.  Actions speak louder than words; if we can physically and consciously change our path of sin and distance to God, He will find favor with us.  This is not easy or is it meant to be easy.  That’s why we’re still here…we haven’t found our way back yet.


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