Leading Us Home

I have heard at least three times over the course of the past two weeks from at least three different people, “Where is God in my life?”  or something of the like.   The fact is, God is everywhere and in everything.  I understand why people ask this question.  Most of the time people are struggling with something internally or are challenged by what seems to be life altering events.  God is not punishing us.  He continues to challenge us to grow closer to Him.  As Paul tells us in Phillipians, we cannot get overly consumed with worldly treasures.  We must listen to the teachings of Jesus as God tells Peter, James, and John after the transfiguration on the mountain.  We must listen to the wisdom of Jesus just like Mary tells us at the wedding at Cana.

It is not easy to open our hearts to Jesus because there are so many barriers between our soul and the presence of God.  Yes, our soul is directly connected to God because, of course, God has created us in His image.  However, our egos block our soul to fully connect with God.

We often believe that we have control over the occurrences of our lives.  We believe that we are untouchable in some respects to the destruction of addiction, shame, and irresponsibility that we are often pulled into living in the world.

God is Love, the most basic truth of our existence.  As John says, ‘love one another.’  I might add, love yourself and connect with Jesus.  Be silent with Him in conversation and prayer.  Listen to what He calls you to do.  God has given us all we need: strength, patience, love, understanding, and grace. God will never, ever give us more than we can handle.  God will always lead us back to him to His home, our home, sometimes through some pretty tough lessons.   God is with us, everywhere, all the time, and in every thing.


About jpsteltz

Proud husband and father of four; Literacy Specialist; Reading Teacher; Literacy Coach; HS ELA Teacher; Published Author
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