Come Alive with Mark Schultz

Friday night marked an evening out with Desiree, just her and I, for the first time in a long time.  The evening was highlighted with a Christian music concert featuring Mark Schultz.  It was a great evening for us to connect once again while getting a little praise and worship in as well.

The large Christian church provided an intimate venue for this event.  There were maybe 1000 people sitting in a sanctuary that faced a small but effective stage.  The three woman group Point of Grace opened the evening.  The angelic three part harmony of Shelley Breen, Leigh Jones, and Denise Cappillino with their mostly acoustic band accompanying them, filled the air with  melodies that were to the ears what warm tea and honey are to the taste buds…soothing, comforting, and heart warming.  The lyrics were consistently compelling.  Each lady took her turn sharing a story with an attentive audience and each had her turn singing lead.  They ended their portion of the show with How You Live (Turn Up The Music) which brought the modest crowd to its feet.

The tour with Point of Grace and Schultz, entitled The Come Alive Tour, is a mission, not only to promote the singers’ new records, but also to advocate for World Vision.  The focus of this promotion was to adopt a child that is suffering from AIDS.  During the intermission of the show, Breen and Schultz shared the stage to discuss the importance of the World Vision mission while local help passed out bios of several hundred children to adopt.  The down side of the entertainment was that there was a lot of time devoted to promoting World Vision.  The upshot of this, however, it is a GREAT cause.

After a 20 minute intermission, Schultz, dressed in blue Jeans and a black pullover sweater with a V-neck zipper, took the stage, causing the crowd to come alive once again, with three back to back songs that moved the audience musically, lyrically, and spiritually: Closer, Broken and Beautiful, and When You Give.  His band, which was the same used by PoG, took the next song off as Schultz sat at his piano.  As his band walked off the stage he told a heart-warming story about how Walking Her Home came to life.  Then he sang the song intimately to the audience that now knew the history of the lyrics.  Schultz continued the show with one hit after another.  In between songs the humble Schultz joked with the audience…it felt like we knew this guy forever, like an old friend had stopped over for the evening.  He often got the crowd involved in singing lyrics that were posted on two large HD screens above the stage.  He added a few songs off of his new CD, including a compelling story written in What It Means....

PoG came back on stage to join Schultz in singing Love Has Come.  His encore finished this wonderful evening of music, story telling, and worship.  Schultz,  alone on stage playing his piano, sang a moving rendition of Remember Me while the audience joined him in the refrain.

A great evening of dinner, conversation, and entertainment for Desiree and I.


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2 Responses to Come Alive with Mark Schultz

  1. Mary Kay says:

    I am reading, “The Hole in our Gospel” written by Richard Stearns, President of World Vision. I love it! We all need to take notice of the poverty and help do something about it. World Vision is doing some amazing things in third world countries.

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  2. Dawn says:

    I’m so glad that you and Desiree got to have a night our and experience a Mark Schultz concert. He’s great to see and I love the song Remember Me. It sounds like you had a real rejuvenating night. 🙂


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