High School Students Part of Book Publishing Team

I have once again been through yet another revision of my first book.  In my recent efforts to publish my non-fiction memoir, it appears as though we are getting closer by the day to this actually becoming a reality.  I have been given some great advice from a few people I highly trust and hold in great esteem.  I have revised a bit of the context, added some text graphics, and put some finishing touches on the aesthetic perception of the text itself.

My latest brainstorm has been to invite some of the finest artists in our school to put together some ideas for the cover art.  I have contacted our art department and have started this train in motion.  Tina Rasane, my colleague from our art department, has agreed to oversee the students who will be generating ideas for the design of the cover of this book.  This is an exciting element to add to the depth of this important book.

I look forward to seeing the creativity come alive from these students.  I look forward to Ms. Rasane’s guidance in making the cover art of this book eye catching and meaningful.  A great authentic task for our students and a great opportunity for collaboration between colleagues.

This book has been born of my words and ideas, yes, but I have had a great TEAM of people preparing this book as a worthwhile experience for a reader.  Thanks to all of you for your contributions.  When we crack the first binding of the very first book it will be cause to celebrate hard work and  great efforts in teamwork!


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3 Responses to High School Students Part of Book Publishing Team

  1. Mary Kay says:

    If you need some readers, send one my way. I will find the errors! I am really bad that way. In all the books I read, every book has an error…drives me crazy. What you are writing about really interests me. Seth is switching schools next year to play basketball elsewhere because of the coaching. You hit the nail on the head with what I have read so far in your blog.


    • jsteltz says:

      Mary Kay-
      Seth is switching schools b/c of coaching? Can you describe that a bit more? Thanks for the offer to read. I am sure there will be errors. I have had several ppl read and provide feedback…book is nearly press ready!!

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  2. Ellen says:

    Great idea to get students involved with this project!!

    I have been talking with a couple of Casey’s coaches who are very interested in reading your book. They have actually asked me for a copy of the summary which you sent to me a few weeks ago. Can I send it to them?

    I have a feeling that this book is going to spark a much needed conversation between partents, coaches and athletes!!


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