Building Positive School Climate

The collective attitude of a teaching staff, its teachers, student services, and administrators, is the most powerful conduit to ignite the highest degree of success in academic achievement for students.  The staff is the ‘power source’ and the students receive the benefit of the power source to light the way to their future.

As a staff, it is imperative that most…if not all…are highly driven to create authentic opportunities for their students.  We must surround ourselves with positive people, people who want each other to be successful.  We need everyone’s contribution. A culture of believing in each other must be created and maintained for the best possible results.  Teachers must believe in students and respect the creativity of other teachers.  Students must believe in teachers and respect the learning environment of other students.  Parents must believe in their children, the teachers, and they must never give up on either entity.  Believe it or not there are people in the world that revel in our failures or lack of success; there are people who wouldn’t mind seeing us fail.

It is difficult to stand in the pelting storm of criticism, sarcasm, and pessimism struggling like hell to build a strong house of praise, truth, and optimism.  Even more, one person alone cannot conceivably erect this structure in the best of conditions much less up against strong gusts of jealousy and bitterness.  To overcome the obstacles of such a daunting task, namely resistance and lack of trust, all educators must unify their energy to measure the wood, pound the nails, and fasten the shingles.

When this house made of praise, truth, and optimism is finally constructed from a unified vision of success, inside will dwell the greatest anthology of success stories.  The protagonists will include educators, students, and parents.  The antagonists will fade into the shadows, the dark recesses, of the mind suppressed by an overwhelming plot of high achievement from all characters.

A positive school climate is not the result of a few pouring their blood, sweat, and tears into the commitment of excellence.  A positive school climate is the result of all educators together melding their expertise, enthusiasm, and cooperation to assist students in problem solving and learning; students who can be proud of their education, proud of their intelligence earned from educators who cared.

The collective attitude of a teaching staff must be positive and supportive.  If you are daring create a code of conduct for yourself and those you work with.  If you are willing to brave the challenging elements, then roll up your sleeves, support each other, and build, with pride, the greatest structure of our professional lives, the successful education of our children.


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8 Responses to Building Positive School Climate

  1. Cece says:

    I believe all involved with education struggle somewhat this time of year. Except for some individuals who thrive in the winter months, I believe the majority have a difficult time with the short days and the lingering days of winter. Not to say that we cannot be positive and supportive of one another…perhaps just the opposite. This is the time when we really need to work together to be optimistic and energized about who we are and what we represent.

    How do we get everyone to buy into the idea of collaboration and commitment? What is it going to take for everyone to open their doors and share with each other? Myself included. I have not spent enough time learning from others. Many teachers have so many gifts in their classroom…I have not taken the time to find the urgency to learn from them. In return, I need to open my classroom doors to anyone who wants to be a learner from parents to co-workers. I find all sorts of excuses and reasons why this has not happened. I need to take ownership of this not happening. At the same time, I do realize that I have done my best these past 10 years trying to reach all of my students. There are a lot of “I’s” in this paragraph. I am just trying to apply some of these ideas to my classroom and philosophies.

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    • jsteltz says:

      More of us need to be willing to share ourselves w/ each other. When we notice the negativity and acknowledge that this is affecting our school climate then we need to help each other out. Sure, I feel completely in control of my classroom as well. I do the best I can day in and day out with my students. However, I also know the feeling of inadequacy I have felt as a colleague. That has been more about me though than others. We must trust each other and remain positive…it takes a village!!


  2. Paul says:

    It is very tempting for me to believe that I am responsible only for what I do or do not do. Your words make me think. We sink or swim together.


  3. Julie Steltz says:


    What do you do when your energy is exhausted? Sometimes I think that is the trick. You work hard at building the house. You even hang signs above the doors indicating which way to enter & exit–not because you’re a perfectionist, but because this makes it easy for those to use the house. Yet, inevitably, someone will break the window it took you months to put in & enter the house that way. Yes, I am very happy when a friend gives me a life jacket & we can float in a raft for awhile, but I can not help row the raft–not initially anyway.

    I forget to look to God to keep my energy up. (Instead I eat a donut :-)))


  4. Judy Rottier says:

    This is a very powerful commentary. The spirit in which you write is inspiring and energizing. It is your gift of these that others will become encouraged.These two human qualities can become so exhausting to maintain.. To be inspirational and energizing it takes a person willing to take in the positive imput of many and combine it with an action plan which will express the goals, wishes, desires and dreams of a really good people, staff or team. I feel I am part of an extraordinary staff. We are beginning to feel growing pains. There are so many opportunities for ourselves and our students. We try things and become discouraged when the result isn’t quite what we wanted.However, we need to try harder. Taking ourselves and our students beyond the walls of a building is a very important big step. The events, community service,charitable works,unselfish causes are just a few of what some of our staff have initiated. Our students are benefiting and will take great role models with them as they work in this world. So stay the course and continue to promote a conduct that will show importance and will be sought after!


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