Did You Know…. 2-7-10

It’s SuperBowl Sunday in America; the professional football championship of the world will take place this evening.  In a time when the United States, most of its middle-class,  is handcuffed with the tight grip of a recession, today money is no object.  Players and coaches earning millions of dollars to participate.  Large companies spending mega-bucks to run ads during the timeouts.  Thousands of people spending money on tickets, food, lodging, parties on the home front all to enjoy the culmination of the NFL football season.

Saturday night I heard a story in church that was shared by our priest, Father Bob Kabat, that puts into perspective the millions of dollars exchanged as a result of the SuperBowl.  I hope I get this right….

Fiorello La Guardia was mayor of New York City  in the 1930’s and 1940’s  in New York.  The airport in New York City is named after him.  For one evening, Mayor La Guardia dismissed the judge from a particular night court.  A few minutes later, a tattered old woman was brought before him.   She was being charged for stealing a loaf of bread.  She told the Mayor that her daughter’s husband had left, her daughter was sick, and her grandchildren were starving.  The shopkeeper would not drop the charges and the Mayor believed, by the letter of the law, that she did have to be punished.  The punishment was $10.oo.  The Mayor took $10.00 out of his wallet and paid the fine for the old, tattered woman.  He then fined EVERYONE in attendance to pay .50 each for living in a town where a grandmother has to steal bread in order for her grandchildren to eat.  He passed his hat to the bailiff and the bailiff passed the hat and collected a total of $47.5o.

We were made in the image of God to do good things and to love all people.  Mayor La Guardia is a great example of how we need to treat all people.    How can WE serve the Lord?  How can WE love all people?


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6 Responses to Did You Know…. 2-7-10

  1. Stacie says:

    Your challenge to have us act reminds me of one of my favorite quotes: “The smallest act of good is better than the best intentions.” Often we want to save the world. We fantasize about wouldn’t it be great if we could…(fill in the blank with some grand idea) and feel helpless that we don’t have the means to carry out our plan. Instead, we need to focus on what we CAN do.

    The story of the March of Dimes is one of my favorite stories of all time. It shows the power of collective action. Working together we can achieve great things even on a smaller scale such as an extended family or a community or a church. And yet, even if others don’t care to join the cause, even w/ our own actions we can make an impact as evidenced by the story of the star fish that was thrown back into the ocean by someone who was passing by. (Another great story.)


  2. jsteltz says:

    I think you hit it right on the head…what CAN we do? Another good phrase I like to remind myself and my kids of is…’actions speak louder than words’.

    Awesome insight Stacie. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Mary Kay says:

    Hey, John! I haven’t even read this post yet but Auntie Kay got me hooked up with your blog. I have it listed on my blog so I can see when you post and read them. I know how nice it is to know who is reading your blog!


  4. Diana says:

    Hi John! As I find myself in a kind of “funk” these days, how do we get to the “What CAN we do’s” when we are drowning in the “I’m sorry, that’s just not possible’s” We get those “I’m sorry’s” from bosses, colleagues, neighbors, friends, family… I want to be in the CAN world, but sometimes I find myself wondering if there’s a way out of this one… It’s an awesome idea to just go to the what CAN we do, but the reality is (at least what I see) most people prefer to wallow in the “sorry, can’t” world…


    • jsteltz says:

      You post some interesting questions about where we all feel that we can’t get out of the muck. I try to surround myself with positive people. I find the quality of my life is so much better when I can accomplish that. Additionally, I believe that I can offer so much more when surrounded by those people. It’s Friday…it’s the weekend…Re-Charge!!! 🙂


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