My four and a half month old daughter is seeing a pediatric cardiologist today.  Hope was born at 4 pounds, 6 ounces and now weighs 12 pounds.  On day two of her life she was in respiratory distress for nearly 45 minutes.  Her heart rate was dropping rapidly and the team of medical personnel weren’t quite sure what was causing the distress.  The NICU doc, Dr. Bertagnoli, saved her life by extracting several ounces of fluid that had accumulated around her heart.  Hope has not had any problems that we have observed over the duration of the last four months.

Her twin sister, Faith, was born at 2 pounds, 10 ounces.  Faith was the one we were most concerned about, but Hope certainly got our attention in a hurry!

Faith and Hope are true miracles to be here with us today.  I am praying for good news from the cardiologist on this follow up visit.  The medical team wants to make sure there is no long term effects to the pleural effusion Hope experienced.

The entire pregnancy and the spiritual journey that Desiree went on during that time in our lives will be chronicled in my next book.

God is good…GREAT!!


Desiree called to tell me that Hope’s heart looks normal.  This is a huge sigh of relief for us as our journey continues.  The echo cardiogram was normal.  Apparently Hope does have a small hole in her heart…doc said that 20% of population has this…we hit the lottery one more time!!!  The hole that was made when Dr. Bertagnoli extracted the fluid has closed.  The cardiologist is not worried about the small existing hole, he claims that had we not had the echo cardiogram we would have never noticed it and Hope will, most likely live a normal happy like.  Nothing to worry about.  Everything is good.  God is Great!!!


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5 Responses to Hope

  1. Amie says:

    Oh, that is such good news, John. You must all be so relieved. I cannot believe Hope is already 12 pounds!


  2. lynn says:

    How did the check-up go? Was the doctor as impressed with that amazing little miracle as the rest of us?


    • jsteltz says:

      The check up went wonderful! Thanks for checking in Lynn! The doctors all know they are in the presence of greatness when they see these two babies 🙂 We couldn’t haven’t done it without the Grace of God and with all of the wonderful people in our lives who helped us in so many ways, including prayer, through this journey!!

      Thank you so much for everything!!


  3. Kay Stangel says:

    I just asked you how Hope turned out at the doctor. I found my way in your Blog about Hope and read what you had to say and I’m relieved to find out all is well. Thanks John so very much for sharing your life stories with us.
    NOTE: I made a mistake when I clicked on the stars at the end of your msg re Hope – don’t ask me how I hit only 3 stars – I was meaning to click ALL 5 Stars- I couldn’t correct my mistake. Just so you know I meant to click ALL 5 stars.


  4. Julie Steltz says:

    I’m thankful Hope is doing well. How nice to see Auntie Kay on the blog. I’ve been thinking about my Godparents today– how nice to see an entry from her since she is my God-Mother.

    Love ya–Julie

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