ReLearning Teaching in a Shrinking World

I am fairly new to Twitter, Second Life, and other technological communications.  I don’t text, Desiree and I have one cell phone between the two of us, I am not on Facebook, and a blackberry is something we pick in August off thorny bushes that lurk on our wooded city lot.

Experienced teachers 🙂 struggle to immerse themselves in the technology of our time.  Maybe it’s a financial decision or maybe we just figure we can do it the way we always have.  When we embrace how our children communicate and the inarguable fact that the world is shrinking via technology, then maybe we can help our children and students learn and master Twenty-First Century Skills.

Some of our best teachers are resistant learners.  Hmmm…why?  Our district just purchased new textbooks this past summer for English teachers to utilize.  Included with these texts were an online subscription and many multi-media tools to enhance learning.  It’s not the same textbook experience I had in school.  But what about Twitter, Facebook, Texting, and Second Life?  How can teachers and parents buy into these things and teach children how to use them appropriately as communication and learning tools?

I have thoroghly been satisfied with my experience twittering.  I have found many resources that have helped me as a teacher and I am continually amazed and impressed with the professional people (adults, experienced teachers, etc.) out there ‘tweeting’ trying to improve themselves.

How can we get ahead of our students and children in terms of technology?  Answer….keep learning!!!  Let’s not make it taboo to try new things as adults.  Let’s embrace the technology and do our best to teach our children well…and children, teach your parents well.


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4 Responses to ReLearning Teaching in a Shrinking World

  1. Parks says:

    I’d focus less on “getting ahead” in technology. Rather, become aware of the strengths and limitations of the existing and near-term technologies, then aptly apply them to enhance the students’ learning experience and (critically) keep the parents engaged. Why not engage the students in focus-type groups and have devise methods to use the technologies to solve problems? That would teach them problem solving skills, enhance teamwork, and help you. Win-win!


  2. jsteltz says:

    On our way home from piano lessons this afternoon through some light blowing snow and slippery back roads my seven year old 2nd grade daughter asks, “Dad, do you have the ‘celly’?” I told her I didn’t bring it along. She asks, “What if we get in an accident?” I told her we would walk to someone’s house or somebody might stop to help us…no problem. “But Dad, what if we go into the ditch?” I told her we would do the same thing, walk to a house together or somebody would stop to help us. I thought, what did my parents do when we were just kids? They didn’t have a ‘celly’.

    That conversation led to some silence (thought), then my oldest daughter asks, “Dad how much does a Smartboard coast?” I chuckled, “Probably a couple thousand dollars, and , NO, we can’t buy one for the basement!” Her response was a loud, whiny “WHYYYYYY?”

    Seven years old and fully understanding the importance of technology. I thank her teachers for using the tech in her classroom…really I do!!! She can’t wait to get called on to work on the Smartboard at school and loves to see it in action in my classroom as well. But, we won’t get one for the basement!!!!

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