Expectations of Coaches

What do we expect out of our athletic coaches?  Whether it be youth coaches, middle school coaches, or high school coaches, what are our expectations as parents?  Furthermore, what are the expectations of athletic coaches from those that are in the the field of education?  Finally, what are the realities of the men and women in these positions?

I have three daughters and a son.  In youth sports I want them to have fun, to meet new friends, and to develop confidence in themselves that they can apply to all areas of their lives.  As high school athletes, if they so choose to go that direction, I want them to learn sportsmanship, discipline, and cooperation.  At all levels I want them to have fun.  At all levels I expect their coaches to be role models that display high morals and ethics.  At all levels I want my children to respect life, themselves and others.

I have included here a local television news story of the suspension of a high school basketball coach.  This story illustrates what I never want for my children.



In addition, I received an email from a colleague today that showed an article that discussed the strong possibility of prep national championships.  Ugh…  What are the implications???  Check out the link:



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3 Responses to Expectations of Coaches

  1. Craig Sigl says:

    Mr. Steltz, I completely agree with your statement. It is very interesting when I look back and apply this to my history and the history of coaching in the Bay Conference. As a young coach I appreciate hearing this side of the story.


  2. Ellen says:

    You ask some good questions. As the mother of a 12 year old daughter who has been a swimmer for 6 years, I have had my share of situations where I question what her coaches are doing. In those times, I need to sit back and remember that this is something she does because she loves it and she’s having fun. I remember that this is my daughters’ activity and that she needs to take responsibility for bringing questions/concerns to her coach without my interferance. Sometimes, the best thing I can do is keep my mouth shut.

    What I expect of her coaches is that they are fair and treat all kids the same. I expect them to lead by example, to care about her in and out of the water (there is more to her life than swimming!), to make well-informed decisions, to teach her the value of being a good winner and loser and I expect her coaches to have high moral/ethical standards for the team and themselves.

    The successes my daughter has achieved in swimming have given her a sense of confidence that has seeped into every part of her life. She has been lucky to have coaches who have her best interest in mind.


  3. Julie Steltz says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day !!

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