The Greater Good

This past Monday, a colleague of mine begrudgingly celebrated the anniversary of his son’s death.  As we all know the worst fear for a parent is to lose a child to death.

My limited understanding of catastrophic events in our lives always leads me to God’s purpose…and that is, The Greater Good.  God allowed His only Son to be mercilessly tortured, humiliated and crucified.  What have been the results??  2000+ years of Christianity.  Some of these catastrophic events are beyond human comprehension and understanding, but I do believe that our ‘books’ have been written and, in the end, the good will rise from the bad.  Furthermore, God’s purpose and power is well beyond human comprehension and understanding which is why it is essential to pray for faith.  Believe in the goodness of our Lord our God.  How great is our God??

Matt lives on in our hearts and minds.  I know my colleague still talks to his son and feels his presence as he teaches Shakespeare to high school students and as he teaches valuable life lessons to young men every day via the sport of wrestling.  Matt has bravely blazed a trail that, sooner or later, we will all go down.  Let Matt lead the way for all of us…trust in his spirit, trust in the goodness and mercy of the Lord.


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2 Responses to The Greater Good

  1. It must be horribly difficult to trust in God after losing a child. I just can not fathom it. As I read your post, my eyes welled up thinking about my own children. If anything ever happened to them, I’m sure I could not go on. I can trust in God for lots of things, but after losing a child…I just don’t know…


  2. Julie Steltz says:

    The pain from the loss of a child must be immense.


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