Misaligned Values of High School Athletics

I have written a book that outlines the misaligned values of high school athletics.  The book offers several viable solutions to what has become a disturbing element in the educational experiences of our youth.  I am looking for feedback from high school coaches, administrators, and teachers in regards to the significance and relevance of high school athletics.  Furthermore, I would like input on the importance of high school athletics as well as the negative fall out from high school athletics.

The book I have written is currently in the phase of being published.  I am hoping to have it available within the next six months.

There has been a recent suspension of a high school basketball coach for his actions during a game.  On Tuesday, January 26 the coached aired his frustrations in the Green Bay Press-Gazette. http://bit.ly/6RCx3O

Today, Wednesday, January 27 the admin fired back via the same media outlet.  http://bit.ly/bcv5kF


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Proud husband and father of four; Literacy Specialist; Reading Teacher; Literacy Coach; HS ELA Teacher; Published Author
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3 Responses to Misaligned Values of High School Athletics

  1. Paul Hoffman says:

    I had no idea you authored a book…HOW GREAT! Best of luck with the final product!

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  2. Stacie Kaminski says:

    Wow! I just read that story CRAZY!! I just read the article. I found it interesting that the Press Gazette has a note saying they disabled the comment function related to the story so people can’t respond to it.


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